Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Bonfire of Hope

Time is of the essence.

A new world is waiting to be born.
A peaceful world where you and I can thrive.
A reality that we can co-create together.

If we act now.

The task is daunting and the risk is high.
We are up against an old system of living
That is not afraid to kill everything for survival.

There is too much violence and destruction
Corruption, apathy, greed and fear around us
Making it almost impossible to begin.


As long as hope remains in each one of us
Like small flames or sparks of light in the darkness
We will find our way.

But to find that hope we must journey within.
To courageously face our own darkness
And have the strength to take a huge leap of faith.

Out of the darkness, one by one, we shall come together.
And with our burning flames create a bonfire of hope,
Of new inspirations and new initiatives.

To prepare for the dawning of a new civilization.

Come light your flame and nurture the fire.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Handa ka na ba?

Handa ka na bang baguhin ang buhay mo kasama ng pagbabago ng buhay ng sambayanang Pilipino?

Handa ka na bang kumilos ayon sa sarili mong pag-iisip at pakiramdam, at di nakatali sa kaisipan at damdamin ng iba?

Handa ka na bang ipakita sa buong mundo ang isang panibagong Pilipino, isang lahi na malaya, makatarungan, at marangal?

Handa ka na bang pagbigyan ang paparating na panibagong Pilipinas, isang bayang ipagmamalaki ng bawat Pilipino dahil sa kanyang kagandahan at natatanging likas-yaman?

Puwes! Malapit na malapit na! Magaganap ang lahat ng iyan ngayong 2010, itaga mo pa sa bato...promise! Hindi ako pulitiko kaya maaasahan mo ang pangako ko. Ang pangako ng bawat Pilipinong naghahangad at kumikilos tungo sa pagbabago.

Ikaw, maghihintay ka lang ba o gusto mong sumama upang tulungan ang ating mga kababayan upang maging handa para sa tunay na pagbabago, at sa pinakaaasam nating GINHAWA?!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Justice Still Prevails, Justice Will Prevail

A short tribute for the Mindanao Massacre victims -- and the Filipino people who were plunged yet again into darkness.

But slowly, and surely, all these events trigger continued awakening in each of us. Opening our eyes, hearts and minds to understand that we are much more than what we see, feel and think right now. We are much more than all these disasters, diseases, violence, hate, anger, guilt, worry, doubt and fear.

The darkness and pain help in showing us our real Self --that which is forever joyous, abundant, truthful, loving. The Self that knows only Love, and understands that everything else is an illusion. This world that we are in is a world of our creation, a matrix of our own making, and a world that does not represent anymore our deepest desires and our true nature.

We must enjoin in creating a new world, starting with a new Philippines where we do not kill one another, nor even think ill of any being because there we recognize our ONENESS. Where the only Truth that will give us Joy is LOVE, which is in fact our true nature, our very essence.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


TRAPO, n. dishrag, rag (see also Traditional Politician)
1. recycled cloth
2. used again and again and again to clean dirt  
1. recycled statesman
2. runs again and again and again no matter how dirty


1. Easy, just watch TV, and wait for infomercials that hammer the brain of viewers (also called electorate) with the candidate's name, "advocacy", skills, talents, ability to hold a sulo, ability to look cool, ability to smile in the slums area, ability to make people stand, inability to keep his promise to the poor (that's why you can trust him to keep his promise if elected in 2010, including his promise not to be caught next time), inability to show sincerity during great accomplishments for the less fortunate...and so much more. Keep watching, you're bound to see them try more stunts, and show more tricks.

2. They have "updated" their look very recently. Either by wearing the same color, and even the same shirt in their best attempt to brainwash the people, or by discarding their old, boring ensemble to appeal to maybe matronas, single ladies, or single men. And, like the annual sports events and intramurals in school, you'll bet they are surrounded by a flock of supporters wearing the same color as the Trapo, and yes, most likely the same, exact shirt, too.

3. They speak the same rehearsed scripts, from the time they entered politics. Using the same delivery that seemed to have been key to their winning. Speaking in impeccable Tagalog, which they made sure they learned because despite the English Campaign in schools promoted by the same old Trapos, they believe that Election Speeches should be delivered masa-style. Why not? They sincerely believe that the masa will only understand them in Tagalog.

4. They will always have a word or two AGAINST their competitors --they believe that a show of machismo, or aggression is what their audience (also known as constituency) wants. Why not? The applause from supporters gets even louder when they bash their enemies anyway.

5. Follow the media trail -- where there are more cameramen, reporters from major television stations, radio stations and newspapers -- for sure you'll find a Trapo basking in the limelight. It doesn't really matter what they say, or talk about. Who cares anyway? They are celebrities and stars in their own right. Most of them were celebrities and stars, in fact. And besides, better to make the media ready for them when they decide to make their own movie, or television show after, or maybe during their term.


They believe that they own the Philippines and the Filipinos. They build wherever they deem fit to run their businesses. They make businesses out of people's taxes. And they even use the money for calamities, and services for their own personal use --some of which include property and expensive dinners abroad, and of course, to fund their campaigns in the upcoming elections.

While we see more and more children and families homeless in the streets, and communities living below poverty line --we see more and more mansions in high-end villages, multiple cars in their garages, and television ads worth millions of pesos that are "not prematurely campaigning", and only "paid for by their friends" to ensure that they remain in position, in power, to continue their reign of greed, hoping that the constituency remain blind, deaf, mute and numb to their in-your-face corrupt and inhumane ways.

Justice is a concept for them that can be bought, sold, auctioned, and silenced with stolen money and stolen power. 

And of course, who can easily forget Mother Nature who left many Filipinos traumatized? She is not spared in all these, because Trapos own her too! Oh, Reming, Milenyo, Ondoy, and Pepeng are just some of the ways these Trapos deal with overpopulation. They still have mother nature at their mercy. They will never give her up, who would? She's got a never-ending supply of lush forests, coral reefs, metal ores, pets, clothes, food and souvenirs that bring millions, or is it billions, er, maybe trillions of dollars to the Philippines. Who can keep up with the math anyway?


As May 2010 draws near, election fever is already running high, and the Circus is ON! Don't fail to watch our politicos putting on their best masks, and painted faces. Jumping from one political party trampoline to another, choosing the one that will bring them to greater heights!
The best gimmick, whether it's the never-ending tear-jerker, the run-of-the-mill slapstick, or the usual action-packed scenarios -- they will do everything, sell everything, and be everything just to "win the hearts" of the Filipino people. As the old saying goes (as old as trapos, perhaps), whether it's through santong paspasan or santong dasalan, they will always get what they greedily want.

Traditional Elections, sibling of Traditional Politics is always about the best show and the best performance. The audience, or sometimes called the electorate, will vote for the candidate that wins anyway -- the major core belief of Trapos, thus for them, the TrAE is a done deal and simply a formality.


Well, as I said, 2010 according to Trapos (and even Trapo followers) is a done deal. And any candidate that does not wear the color of Trapo will face the consequences of guns, goons and gold during elections and beyond. Not even the power of the people can match the power of rotten apples, er, Trapos in their quest to be the "saviors" of this country.

"INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein



I may be wild, weird and crazy going for the road less traveled -- but I'd rather take a chance on the NEW and believe that this country is Worth Living For. Than accept "the way things are", or the "lesser evil". I am powerful. We are all powerful. We all have the power to create our reality. If we choose to.

THINK ABOUT IT. Or better yet, just open your eyes, ears, mind and heart.

WHAT IF we can really change this country? WHAT IF we really deserve the best life we can ever live? WHAT IF...the New Philippines...the New Politics...or the New President is just waiting for YOU??

For your help. For you to believe in yourself, and believe that the rest of the Filipino people can take action and move together for God, Country, Fellow Filipinos, and Humanity.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tayong Lahat ang Sagot!

Mahilig tayong maghanap ng "superhero" o ng tagapagligtas. Paborito natin ang mga kuwentong nananaig ang mabuti, magiting, malakas at may busilak na kalooban laban sa masasamang kampon ng kadiliman. Aminin man natin o hindi, hinahanap natin ang ganitong mga uri ng kuwento sa lahat ng aspeto ng ating buhay, hindi lamang sa sinehan, telebisyon o mga aklat. Kaya hindi nakapagtataka na dalawa ang karaniwang reaksyon sa pag-anunsyo ni Nicanor Perlas ng kanyang hangaring maging pangulo ng bansa -- 
"sino siya at ano ang kakayahan niya para maging tagapagligtas ng Pilipinas?" o "siya na nga ang tagapagligtas na hinihintay natin!"

Ngunit ito ang masaklap at masayang katotohanan.
Hindi siya ang tagapagligtas. Hindi ang mga pangako niya ang makapagpapabago ng ating lipunan. Hindi ang katalinuhan, kabutihan, at kakayahan niya ang magdadala sa atin sa kasaganahan at karangalang hinahangad natin para sa ating bayang Pilipinas. Masaklap dahil mahirap tanggapin na kailangan na nating baguhin at palitan ang kaisipang ito, isang kaisipang matagal nang bagahe ng bawat Pilipino, isang tanikalang pumipigil sa atin upang maging tunay na malaya at magaling! Masaya at totoo na wala sa labas, at wala sa iba ang hinahanap nating tagapagligtas. Ito ay nasa bawat isa sa atin. Bawat isa sa atin ang magliligtas sa bayang ito. Tayong lahat ang sagot. Ang pagbabago ng bawat isa, ng bawat Pilipino ang magbabago sa buong Pilipinas.

Ang pagpanig ng bawat isang Pilipino sa katotohanan ang papawi sa kasinungalingan at kabalintunaan na nananaig sa Pilipinas ngayon. Ang kabutihan ng bawat isang Pilipino sa kanyang kapwa Pilipino, at kapwa Tao ang magwawaksi sa kabuktutan at kasamaang nakikita at nararanasan natin sa Pilipinas, at sa Mundo ngayon. Ang pagpapanatili ng kagandahan ng ating Inang Lupa, at ang pagpapahalaga sa lahat ng nabubuhay ang magwawaksi sa masukal, mabaho, at nanlilimahid na kapaligirang ating ginagalawan ngayon. At kung mauunawaan ng bawat isang Pilipino na walang katumbas na salapi ang kanyang dangal bilang isang tao, hindi siya tatanggap ni isang sentimo upang ipagkanulo ang kanyang karangalan. Oo, hindi nakakain ang dangal ngunit ang pagkaing mula sa marumi sa kalaunan ay magiging lason na nakamamatay. At kapag lahat ng ating ginagawa, maliit man o malaki ay ating babaguhin upang umayon sa kung ano para sa atin ang tunay na marangal, sa isang iglap ay makikita natin ang pagbabago ng ating mga buhay, ng ating mga pamilya, simbahan, paaralan, pamahalaan, kapiligiran, at ng sambayanang Pilipino. At ang tunay na diwa ng pagiging Pilipino ay malayang maipamamalas natin sa buong mundo.

Ngayon pa lang ay simulan na natin ang pagbabago. Hindi natin kailangan ng tagapagligtas. Ngunit kasama tayo sa sagot upang iligtas at baguhin ang Pilipinas. Si Nicanor Perlas ay isa rin sa atin. Isang Pilipino na hinihikayat tayong akuin ang ating responsibilidad bilang Pilipino. Nais niya ring makita ang bagong Pilipinas na sama-sama nating lilikhain. At kasama natin siya sa paglikha nito.
Halina't panghawakan ang ating mga kapangyarihan, ang tunay na kapangyarihang nagmumula sa ating kalooban. Bawat isa, tayong lahat ang sagot! Kumilos na, ngayon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Green President?"

Nang maganap ang "delubyo" at kalamidad na dulot ng bagyong Ondoy, maraming mga tao ang tila ba natauhan at napaisip -- ano na nga ba ang ginagawa natin sa ating bayan, at hanggang kailan ba nating hahayaan na ganito ang ating sitwasyon, mahirap ka man o mayaman, klaro na hindi ka ligtas sa epekto ng pang-aabuso ng kalikasan, gayundin ang kawalang-silbi ng gobyerno.

Maraming nagalit, nainis, nalungkot, at marami rin naman ang kumilos upang tumulong sa mga nangangailangan. At makikita mo, unti-unti, parang nagbabago ang "landscape" ng puso, at isipan ng mga tao. Dati ay binabale-wala lang ang mga kuwento nang pagnanakaw sa mga naapektuhan, ang "inefficiency" ng gobyerno, at ang iba pang mga balita tungkol sa kabulastugan at kawalang-pakialam ng mga taong kinauukulan. Pero ngayon, sa tulong na rin ng teknolohiya at internet, wala nang nakakalusot, lahat ay nakikita at naaamoy, at hindi na tumitigil ang mga tao sa pagkilos upang unti-unting baguhin ang ating bayan at ibangon sa putik na ating kinasadlakan.

Nais ko mang tumulong sa mga relief efforts, nakikita ko na marami na rin naman ang gumagawa nito, at nais kong pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga "long-term efforts". Pero ano nga ba ang long-term efforts?

Para sa akin ang long-term na pagtingin sa problema ng Pilipinas ay ito: ang paglunsad ng isang PANIBAGONG PILIPINAS. Nakatuon sa kung ano ang maganda, mabuti, at marangal; at hindi ang band-aid solution na palitan ang mga ayaw natin. Hindi natin papalitan ang mga pangit sa pamamagitan ng pagtanggal nito at paghahanap ng itatapal na kapalit. Sa halip, lilikha tayo ng bago. Isang bayang tunay na maipagmamalaki natin, at yaong Pilipinas na ang kagandahan ay hindi kailanman nabibili o nababayaran. Isang Pilipinas na may pagrespeto sa bawat Nilikha. Maligaya ang kalikasan sapagkat ito ay inaalagaan at iniingatan, hindi inaabuso o niyuyurakan.

Lahat ng Pilipino ay may malalim na pagrespeto at pagtangi sa kapwa Pilipino. Niyayakap at kinakalinga ang bawat tao, bata, matanda, mahirap o mayaman. Nagkakaisa, nagtutulungan, nagbabayanihan.

Ang bawat institusyon ay nagsisilbi sa indibidwal at sa pangkalahatan, hindi ang institusyon ang pinagsisilbihan ng sangkatauhan.

Sa ngayon, mukhang unti-unti ay nagiging handa na ang Pilipino upang panghawakan at pakawalan ang kanyang galing sa buong mundo. Ngunit upang magawa ito, kinakailangan niyang maging malaya, makatarungan at marangal. Kinakailangan niyang baguhin ang kalooban upang maipamalas ang ningning at liwanag sa kanyang kaibuturan.

Kung ikaw ay isa sa mga Pilipinong naghahangad nito, iniimbitahan kitang sumama sa paglikha ng panibagong Pilipinas.

Simulan ang pagbabago ng IYONG kalooban. Likhain at isabuhay ang mga gusto mong makita sa ating bayan. Palitan na ang mga kaisipang di na nakakatulong at di na kinakailangan.

Kapag nagawa mo na ito sa iyong personal na buhay, samahan mo kami, at hanapin natin ang mararangal na Pilipinong magbibigay-daan upang maisakatuparan ang pangarap nating Pilipinas. Siyempre, kailangan nila tayo upang malaman nila kung ano ang pangarap na kanilang tutulungang matupad. Sa ngayon, may isa na sa ating hanay, ang "Green President" na iginagalang ang ating kalikasan. Ngunit higit pa diyan, isang taong marangal at may paninindigan --maaari natin siyang pagkatiwalaan. At kapag binitiwan na niya ang kanyang mga pangako, asahan mong maisasagawa niya ito.

Panahon na, mula sa putik at dungis na nagpahirap sa ating sarili at bayan, bumangon tayo't ilabas ang tunay na Perlas ng ating kalooban, ng ating pagka-Pilipino.

At sama-sama tayong mga kapwa Perlas, kasama si NICANOR PERLAS, na lilikhain ang Panibagong Pilipinas, at ipapanumbalik ang maginhawa, mapayapa, malaya, makatarungan, at marangal na Perlas ng Silangan!

Bisitahin ang : upang lalo pang kilalanin si Nick Perlas
At ang: -- magpatala at maging isa sa mga Perlas ng Pilipinas!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kilalanin si Nicanor Perlas!

You can check him out, all information about him at

And you can also check different sites by his supporters including

And watch youtube videos such as this

Pagningningin ang nakatagong Perlas sa ating mga sarili!

Halina't magsama-sama mga ka-perlas! Kumilos na tayo, ngayon!